We've got a new look!

We have completely revamped the SportsWareLive! website to make it easier to navigate and to better integrate our web site services.

Our Tournament Time Live!, LAS Live! and GameTime Live! systems are now all combined into the website...

Just click the "Tournaments" tab to go to the Tournament and Schedule hosting area, then enter a part of the name of the organization whose tournament you would like to find, and click "Find".

More Organized Online Registration Account menus

The "My Account" page has now been reorganized a little to put the growing number of options in more sensible locations.
If you don't find the setting you're looking for on the main "Online Registration" settings page (which used to be REALLY TALL!), just look on the other sub-pages, such as "PayPal Account Settings", "Discounts and Fees", and "Returning Players".

New First date and Last date for Registration Period

Now, you can get your form ready and working ahead of time, but easily leave it closed until the day you want to start registrations.
Even better, you don't have to remember to "close" your form at the end of your registration period!
Just select a first and last date for your registration form to be open, and it's all handled for you!

Emails are now being sent...

A problem with our web host prevented emails from being sent for a few days.
The problem has now been resolved, and all the waiting messages are being processed.
If you have been waiting for your receipt email, you should be receiving it soon!


If you are having problems registrating online please contact WKYA thank you

We now have a new look!

We're still the same great LAS Live! and Sportsware Live! online registration system, and now we have the same general appearance as the rest of All American SportsWare's web pages, such as our main web site and our our online tournament management web site.


Getting to check out with paypal but then it never goes anywhere else. How do I get to pay for the registration if it won't let me! Frustrated...please

Now more reliable on Mac computers!

Today, we made some adjustments to the Shopping Cart form that should make it work more reliably when using a Macintosh computer.
As always, we want to hear from you any time you have trouble checking out and paying for your player registrations... Please be sure to explain what you clicked on, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead, and send your report to

Maintenance Monday Feb 6th in the afternoon

We apologize for the brief downtime on Monday, Feb 6th for about an hour in the afternoon.
We had to take the server off-line briefly for some necessary maintenance.

Now, LAS Live is back online and better than ever!

New Optional Fee can be added to your Form

You can now configure an "optional" fee for your registration form. This fee can be charged once per-family, or once per-player, and it can even replace the player's "fundraising" fee (if the division had a fundraising fee in LAS when you uploaded the registration form).

This optional fee is great for making it possible for members to "opt-out" or "buy-out" of volunteering by paying a little more!

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