Tutorial: How to Set Up Online Registrations

Are you ready to go? Now that you have your PayPal account ready, and your LAS desktop application set up with the League Web Manager plug-in, let's start setting up your online registration system. ( If you still need to set up your PayPal account or LAS desktop program, click here to learn how. )

The basic steps to set up your online registration system are:

  1. Install LAS and the League Web Manager plug-in for LAS
  2. Use the League Web Manager Wizard to:
    •   Create your LAS Live! website account
    •   Design your Registration Form
    •   Upload your Registration Form to LAS Live!
  3. Automatically view your Registration online.

You will then be ready to publicize the address of your new Registration Form, and for your members to begin registering.

( For more details about managing your Registrations, see the chapter Managing the Registration Process
For more details about downloading registrations, see the chapter Tutorial: How to Download your Online Registrations into LAS )

Click on the link below to start the tutorial on how to set up your Online Registration system.

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