Great New Features for LAS Live! are now available (December 2011)

We've been working all summer to make LAS Live! even better for this year's Little League (tm) registrations...

Among the new features that are now available are:

  • You can now specify a "nickname" for your league so that you have a short address for your league's registration form like this:

  • When using LAS v18 to download, any multi-player discounts maintain their relation to the player that received the discount. This makes evaluating revenue by division much more accurate.

  • You can now set the division selector so that it is ONLY automatically selected, and the user cannot change the calculated select. You can also set the division selector so that the user CAN change the selection, but the form "validates" the selection to make sure they player qualifies for the selected division before they can submit the registration.

  • Fundraising Fees can now be automatically charged according to the division for which the player is registering.

  • A new (and optional) "additional fee" can be added to each family to help your league to recover the processing costs.

  • The whole form layout can be made more compact with new options inside League Web Manager.

  • If the registering player selects "Lives With Both", the registration form now makes sure that both the father's and the mother's addresses are identical by dynamically copying whatever is typed into the father's address to the mother's side.

  • LAS's League Web Manager now allows you to make your registration form do anything you want by inserting custom CSS and custom JavaScript into your registration form. JQuery is loaded and ready to use in these custom routines.

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